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Organic winemaking

The prevailing microclimate in the hill country around Scansano is ideal for the organic cultivation of high-quality wines. Dry, hot summer and a constant onshore wind from the sea nearby support the grapes’ natural resilience. The nature of the soil promotes the roots’ vertical growth enabling the long-time storage of humidity within the soil delivered during the rain-laden winters.

Finally, we attach great importance to embedding the vineyard in a functioning ecosystem rather than monoculture cultivation. For these reasons, the grapes are left to ripen naturally on Poggio Nibbiale, without the use of artificial herbicides or fertilizers.

In late summer, the grapes are picked by hand and transported in air-permeable containers to our Cantina for further processing. In order to achieve a greater variety of flavours, we rely exclusively on spontaneous fermentation without the addition of cultured yeasts.

Moreover, the principles of organic wine production are also applied consistently during our wines’ maturation process.

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