Heartly welcome to our vineyard!

Experience an unforgettable wine journey right on-site.
Our wine tasting tour offers you the unique opportunity to immerse
yourself in the world of our exquisite wines.
Here's what awaits you:

Tasting of 5 wines:

Immerse yourself in the diversity of our wine creations. From fruity rosés to deep red wines – discover the nuances and characters that make our wines unique.

Direct Purchase from the Estate:

After the tour, you have the opportunity to acquire your favorite wines directly from the estate. Take a piece of our vineyard home with you and share the joy with your loved ones.

Wine tasting directly at the winery

Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of our vineyards and cellars. Our knowledgeable hosts will guide you through an exclusive tasting where you can taste five of our selected wines.

Cost: €20.00 per person

The price not only covers the tasting but also includes a fascinating guided tour through our wine production. Let yourself be inspired by the passion and dedication of our winemakers.

Take an appointment:
E-Mail: buchheim@nibbiale.com
TEL: 0039 3489715392 (Visits in English)
TEL: 0039 3356415171 (Visits in Italian)

Our winery

The terroir at Poggio Nibbiale, characterized by calcareous sandstone soils, encourages deep root growth and retains the moisture from the rainy winters. It imparts a distinctive minerality to our wines. Dry, hot summers, coupled with a constant breeze from the nearby sea, enhance the natural resilience of the grapevines.

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