It all began with the dream of growing our own wine in the unique landscape of southern Tuscany. Over the years, Elke and Nikolaus Buchheim have turned this dream into a winery with 11 hectares of cultivated land.
Poggio Nibbiale has always remained a family business. This allows care and attention to every step of the wine production process, resulting in wines of regional authenticity and outstanding quality.

The southwest-facing vineyards of Poggio Nibbiale are situated in the hills of the Maremma area, between Scansano and Magliano in Tuscany. 300 meters above the Tyrrhenian Sea, a breathtaking view opens up over the islands of Giglio, Elba, Monte Christo and the peninsula of Monte Argentario.
This landscape and its climate have shaped the tradition of Tuscan winegrowing, which we express through our wines.

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The terroir on Poggio Nibbiale of calcareous sandstone soils promotes deep root growth and stores the moisture of rainy winters.
It gives our wines their special minerality. Dry, hot summers and a constant wind from the nearby sea promote the natural resistance of the vines.

The wines of Poggio Nibbiale are produced strictly organic. For us this means above all: viticulture in harmony with nature.

This means that most of the vineyard is left to nature, the Mediterranean macchia, with its almost impenetrable growth of old cork oaks, flowering broom, and wild olive trees. This is also where the red kite, the heraldic animal of Poggio Nibbiale, finds a refuge, and where porcupines roam the undergrowth.

Our vineyards have never been cultivated as a monoculture, and are embedded in a functioning ecosystem.

Care and respect for nature also accompany every step of our wine production. The grapes at Poggio Nibbiale ripen naturally, without the use of artificial herbicides or fertilizers.

In late summer they are harvested by hand and transported in air-permeable containers to the winery for further processing. In order to achieve the special variety of aromas in our wines, we use only spontaneous fermentation, without the addition of cultured yeasts.

The wines are also aged according to the principles of organic wine production. We believe that the power of our wines lies in their naturalness.

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